About Lord & Midgley

lord and midgley in hullLord and Midgley Limited.Owned by the Whittaker family since 1998, and specialising in the recycling of ferrous and non ferrous metals in Hull and the East Riding. The Reservoir Road site is one of nine around the Hull and Yorkshire region, and runs under the trading name of Morley Waste Traders Limited, which was established in the 1950’s. The company is now managed by third and fourth generation family members, who continue their commitment to developing waste management and recycling techniques.


Lord and Midgley Scrap Metal Processors and Merchants are global traders in the secure and sustainable management of resources on behalf of industry, organisations and the wider community. We process over 140,000 tonnes of metal each month.
We recover and recycle all types of metals including: scrap cars; consumer goods; surplus metal from manufacturing processes; ferrous and non ferrous scrap metal; large plant and machinery plus much much more.
Lord and Midgley is part of the Morley Waste Traders Group and due to our continuous investment into advanced processing technology and vast logistics, we provide competitive metals prices in the UK and ensure you gain maximum value from your materials. We produce the highest standard of products which are then re-used in industry today.

Our prices are updated daily.

Sims Metal Management have recently taken over Lord and Midgley. For further information regarding Sims Metal Management, please click on the following link:www.simsmm.co.uk