Shearing, Bailing and Shredding.

Lord and Midgley Scrap Metal Merchants.

Shearing is a large part of the recycling process.  We can take large amount of many types of metal and shread, shear and bail them into manageable, ready to load for transport to all over the world.

We currently process metals and provide and environmently friendly approach to recyling and metal processing.

At Lord and Midgley we have 3 Large Static Balers and 1 Large Mobile Shearer.

  • 1000 Ton Moros Baler.
  • 630 Ton Moros Baler.
  • 600 Ton Lindehann
  • 600 Ton Mobile Moros Shear.

We can supply Basic Bales in the following.


  • 4a Bales
  • 4c Bales
  • 4e Bales.
  • Please enquire about others.

Lord and Midgley Scrap Metal Merchants can also offer a dense 2′ cubed bale (weighing approximately 740 Kilos.

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